The woke cultists ruining sports are truly in a league of their own

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

In a world where sports once stood as a haven of escapism and fair play, the boundaries have blurred, and the arenas have been infiltrated by the waves of wokeism and political correctness.

What was once a realm of fun and games has been overtaken by an incessant need for virtue signaling and social justice messaging. The corporatists at the helm of professional sports are seemingly more preoccupied with their ESG scores than the actual scores on the field.

The recent trend of political correctness and activism in sports has only intensified, particularly after the George Floyd incident.

The NFL, for instance, now adorns endzones and helmets with slogans like "End Racism." But what do these messages achieve? Racism is universally condemned; it doesn't need reiteration. Instead, such virtue signaling only preaches to the converted and offers little value as a means of effecting real change.

Perhaps one of the most concerning examples is the case of Toronto Blue Jays' pitcher, Anthony Bass. He was branded a "transphobe" for merely endorsing boycotts of certain companies.

This led to a public apology and ultimately the erasure of his existence from the team. Bass was disallowed from having a jersey with his name and number on it, illustrating the extent of the "cancel culture" that has infiltrated sports.

Meanwhile, amateur sports have also fallen victim to the transanity. Female athletes face the risk of injury as biological males are allowed to compete against them, a direct violation of the governing body World Rugby's regulations. Yet, fear of backlash and a misguided sense of inclusivity have silenced the athletes' objections.

The sports media landscape has also been affected by political correctness. Notable figures like Don Cherry have been canceled for expressing views that challenge the status quo.

Meanwhile, some sports columnists exhibit blatant hypocrisy, applauding athletes who snub President Trump while criticizing those who did the same to President Obama.

As sports ratings plummet, it's evident that viewers seek escapism and entertainment, not lectures on social issues. The NHL's decision to discontinue gay pride-themed jerseys and the overwhelming public support for it demonstrate that fans crave a return to the days when sports were simply about the game.

It's time to reclaim sports as a sanctuary of enjoyment, fair play, and escapism. The influx of woke culture and political correctness has disrupted this balance, turning sports into battlegrounds of virtue signaling and divisiveness.

It's time for a reevaluation, where true inclusivity and fairness can coexist without compromising the integrity of the game. Let's ensure sports remain a place for unity, not a platform for ideological battles.

GUEST: Randy Hillier, Former MPP of Ontario, joins the show to explain his constitutional challenge against the province for their COVID restrictions.
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