I'm in Lethbridge as justice hangs in the balance for the Coutts 4 truckers

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Lethbridge became the focus of attention during the Trucker Convoy, where a blockade occurred at the Alberta-Montana border.
Unlike larger cities, the small Coutts border crossing blockade presented unique challenges for authorities.
The subsequent arrests and charges have raised questions about justice and media coverage.
The story unfolds with police managing to clear the blockades without violence, but the situation escalated when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, leading to martial law.
The article delves into the disparities between charges faced by different protesters and the fight for justice.
The upcoming trial of four men charged with conspiracy to commit murder has raised frustration among the public, believing it to be a political setup.
However, due to a publication ban, the details surrounding the case remain under wraps, leaving people unable to fully understand the situation.
Amid the confusion and desire for justice, the need for a fair trial and addressing concerns about the delay and apparent double standards in the justice system are paramount.
It highlights the frustration of those who have been awaiting justice for over 500 days while hoping that the upcoming trial will shed light on the true circumstances behind the charges.
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