The Stratford Festival rewrites Shakespeare — and it’s as bad as you think

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The Stratford Festival’s recent reinterpretation of Shakespearean works has sparked a debate among the art-loving community. Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra highlights why many are finding the revisions regrettable.

Art in all forms — be it sculptures, music, or architecture, strikes a chord in our hearts, enriches our souls, and inspires us to rise above the mundane. It invites us to delve into the realms of imagination, love, faith, and hope, thus extracting the best version of ourselves.

Shakespeare's timeless contributions to art are unparalleled, ranging from 39 plays to 154 sonnets. His plays are a constant source of engagement and inspiration. Their richness far exceeds that of a song or sculpture, with approximately 15,000 words and new lexical creations like 'wild goose chase' to 'zany.' 

Shakespeare's works exemplify language mastery and the exploration of the human condition — be it love in Romeo and Juliet, jealousy in Othello, or ambition in Macbeth.

However, the Stratford Festival's adaptation of "Much Ado About Nothing," a personal favorite known for its romantic entanglements and misunderstandings, leaves much to be desired.

Despite commendable performances from the cast, the injected text and the deviation from Shakespeare's original theme of marital fidelity were disappointing.

Erin Shields' additional text, seen through a feminist lens, deviates from the historical accuracy of the play. While women's representation is a critical aspect of contemporary adaptations, imposing modern perspectives on a classic work risks misrepresentation and historical inaccuracy.

Stratford Festival, with its vast cultural influence and resources, ought to promote authenticity and creativity rather than mislead audiences with such revisions.

Stratford, be as daring as the creators of 'Wicked' and craft an original feminist narrative, or rightfully label your work as a revision. As we appreciate art's power to elevate and inspire, let's remember to respect the integrity of the original works that have weathered the test of time.

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