All About Manitoba's New Vaccine Passport

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Manitoba is a smaller province, so maybe we don't talk about it enough.

But it truly has one of the most abusive and authoritarian premiers in the whole country in terms of the lockdown — Brian Pallister.

Pallister literally boasted that he was the most abusive lockdowner in the whole country.

I can tell you that the Manitoba cases in our Fight The Fines project are the ones being prosecuted the most abusively in all of Canada.

What did Manitobans ever do to deserve this?

And what's the reason to panic and get people to take experimental vaccines that haven't even been fully tested yet? They talk about cases, not hospitalizations or deaths.

Now take a look at this:

Manitoba launches new, secure immunization cards for fully vaccinated people

Who's going to stop this?

I've written to our top constitutional lawyers and asked them to put together a plan, if they can.

I'll let you know what they tell me.

This is not good, my friends.

GUEST: Manny Montenegrino on the Ontario lockdown.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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