Justin Trudeau meets with Ukraine’s leading Holocaust denier — and both the Canadian media and the Jewish lobby are silent

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Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discusses Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's warm reception by Ukrainian politician and Holocaust denier Andrij Melnyk in Ukraine.

While Trudeau may find solace in the support he receives abroad, it is disconcerting that both the Canadian media and the Jewish lobby have remained silent on this issue.

Trudeau's popularity has been plummeting in Canada, with only 20% of Canadians believing he deserves to be re-elected, as indicated by a recent poll conducted by Abacus Research.


It appears that even the fancy folks, who were once on his side, are now giving him a hard time. The resignation of David Johnston, the former Governor General tasked with resolving Trudeau's Chinese corruption scandal, further added to the public's disillusionment.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that Trudeau sought refuge in Ukraine, where he was treated like a rock star. However, what is alarming is that Trudeau quietly authorized the transfer of half a billion dollars to Ukraine's war efforts without any debate or vote in the House of Commons. This lack of transparency raises concerns about the allocation of taxpayer funds and its impact on inflation and taxes.

Accompanied by a fawning media entourage, Trudeau basked in their adulation during his visit to Ukraine. Mark Mackinnon of the Globe and Mail tweeted about Trudeau's response when asked if he would take a call from Vladimir Putin, revealing a concerning lack of trust or interest in the Russian leader. While it is valid to have reservations about Putin, one wonders why Trudeau would even be on Putin's radar, considering his insignificance on the global stage.

Even the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia have formed their own exclusive foreign affairs club, known as AUKUS, effectively sidelining Canada. This further highlights Trudeau's diminishing influence and relevance on the international stage.

But the most disconcerting aspect of Trudeau's trip to Ukraine is his association with Andrij Melnyk. While the media conveniently omitted mentioning Melnyk, it is highly unlikely that they were unaware of his identity.

Melnyk, Ukraine's deputy foreign minister, is not just a government official; he is a notorious Holocaust denier and Nazi sympathizer who has caused international incidents with his extremist views.

In a shocking display captured on video, Melnyk proudly defended the Nazi project in Ukraine, denying the Holocaust and claiming that the Jews, Germany, Poland, and Israel were all fabricating the historical atrocities. His repugnant beliefs led to diplomatic protests from Poland and Israel, with Germany demanding his dismissal as Ukraine's ambassador.

Trudeau and his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, chose to tour Ukraine under the guidance of this Holocaust denier, raising serious concerns about their judgment and values.

While it is understandable that the media might be hesitant to confront this issue due to potential repercussions, the silence of Canada's official Jewish lobby is baffling. Organizations like CIJAB'nai Brith, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which claim to fight anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, have remained conspicuously silent.

These groups have shown no hesitation in denouncing conservatives for merely associating with right-wing politicians. Yet, when confronted with Trudeau's disturbing alliance with a Holocaust denier, they choose to turn a blind eye. Is their reluctance to criticize Trudeau a result of their desire to curry favor with the government?

It is deeply disappointing that these Jewish lobby groups, which should be at the forefront of condemning anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, have failed to address Trudeau's association with Melnyk.

GUEST: Benjamin Weingarten, Editor at large Real Clear Investigations joins the show to break down President Trump's indictment and its implications to the republic.

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