The United Nations threatens to 'crush' freedom of speech on the Internet

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The United Nations tweeted a message about countering hate speech on the International Day for Countering Hate Speech. However, as Ezra highlights on tonight's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, their approach raises concerns about the potential curtailment of freedom of speech on the internet.

By co-opting the language of violence and weaponizing metaphors, the UN disguises its true intention of imposing censorship in the tweet, which has now been deleted.

Hate speech is often misunderstood and conflated with the natural human emotion of hate. While hate may be hardwired into our beings, it is essential to govern and channel this emotion constructively.

Banning hate speech is an impractical endeavor because it is impossible to eradicate emotions or regulate personal thoughts. In fact, attempting to suppress certain feelings may inadvertently intensify them.

Speech, on the other hand, is a means of expressing ideas, thoughts, and emotions. It serves as a peaceful outlet for individuals to voice their grievances and seek resolution. Hate speech, motivated by negative emotions, can potentially be transformed into a catalyst for positive action and change. It is through open dialogue, negotiation, and the exchange of ideas that a democratic society thrives.

Throughout the past few years, society has witnessed an erosion of people's control over their lives, leading to a surge in grievances and genuine injustices. In response to these concerns, it is crucial to provide a platform for individuals to be heard.

Silencing dissenting voices or labeling them as 'hateful' only exacerbates existing divisions. It is essential to address underlying issues and engage in respectful conversations to find common ground.

That's why the UN's approach to hate speech is deeply flawed. By attempting to criminalize disagreement and label it as hate speech, they seek to stifle any form of dissent.

This tactic mirrors the dangerous trend of cancel culture and the growing influence of governments in controlling public discourse. The UN, dominated by countries with poor human rights records, should not be entrusted with the power to dictate what can or cannot be said on the internet.

The UN's official stance claims that tackling hate speech is necessary to combat a "dark age of intolerance." They argue that social media plays a significant role in spreading hate and hindering progress on various global challenges, including COVID-19 and climate change.

However, blaming social media platforms for societal issues is misguided. Hate speech and violence have historical roots far predating the emergence of social media. The true solution lies in fostering freedom of speech and empowering individuals to challenge oppressive systems.

Citing the genocide in Rwanda as an example of the dangers of social media overlooks the fact that hate speech was propagated through traditional media channels like radio. The accessibility and democratization of social media platforms can actually give voice to those who were previously silenced by authoritarian regimes.

Restricting online speech will not prevent hate or genocide; it will only serve to consolidate power in the hands of governments.

The UN's push to "crush" hate speech and regulate social media is an alarming step towards suppressing individual voices. It disregards the importance of free expression, the potential for positive change through dialogue, and the danger of allowing governments to control public discourse.

Rather than embracing censorship, society should focus on empowering individuals, promoting critical thinking, and fostering a culture of open dialogue to address and overcome societal challenges. Only through the free exchange of ideas can we truly achieve progress and understanding.

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