Trudeau’s hand-picked censorship commissars want to go even further than he does

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I find it remarkable that Justin Trudeau cares more about censoring you than about anything else in the country. He’s put more effort into it, introduced more bills in Parliament about it, convened more panels, had more meetings and conferences about censoring Canadian citizens than he has about any other subject. I can’t get over it. No-one thinks that’s a top priority.

It’s not a priority at all — it’s the opposite of a priority; it’s the wrong thing to do; it’s not being done for Canadians, it’s being done against Canadians.

So look at my news today:

Liberals drop plan to force takedowns of 'harmful content' after censorship accusations

Oh, that sounds promising. What a happy headline. The National Post, by the way, is owned by Postmedia, which is the single largest recipient of Trudeau’s media bail-out.

I wonder if that’s why they put that headline on it, instead of the real news in it — which is, Trudeau’s hand-picked censors want to actually go even further than Trudeau proposed.

I don’t know of any real people who are worried about disinformation, except in the way they normally are — they realize that politicians and the media lie to them, some times a lot, and quite a lot in the past two years. This isn’t just gaslighting — it’s projection,. They’re the ones telling the lies — but they’re accusing others of doing just that.

This is going to be the big fight. Four bills are in the House, or soon to be introduced. All of them unconstitutional. But really — who’s going to stop this? Not Parliament — Jagmeet Singh says he’s on board. And not the courts — have they done anything in the past two years to stop the lockdowns, a disastrous civil liberties bonfire that sentenced you to house arrest, shut down churches and businesses, and threw peaceful protesters in prison? If the courts won’t act on that, will they act on this?

Our country is in trouble.

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