Where oh where is Tammy Sepetis?

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

The Tammy Sepetis story is all about someone who loves the idea of cancel culture. She’s perfectly fine with giving someone a death sentence for embracing “wrong-think.” Hey, diversity is our strength and all that… just not a diversity of opinions, mind you.

But alas and alack, much like an O’Henry short story, the Tammy Sepetis story is full of irony with a twist ending to boot. That’s because this self-appointed queen of cancellation apparently ended up cancelling herself.

Now, before I ramble on, let’s check out that infamous two-minute slice of viral TikTok video evidence. If you haven’t seen it, oh you’re in for a treat. And by the way, as you view the self-inflicted carnage, just ask yourself: imagine working for a company in which Ms. Sepetis heads up the Human Resources Department?

As the saying goes folks, the Internet is forever. You know, normally, I’d have a fair degree of sympathy for someone self-terminating his or her career. But given what Tammy Sepetis stands for and given her old position of power, it’s hard to shed a tear. She is the hunter who became the hunted. She is an adherent of cancel culture, only to apparently cancel herself with her own unhinged words. Hey, I’m not saying Tammy Sepetis is unemployable.

But while everybody loves a comeback story, it is abundantly clear that she can’t come back to her chosen vocation of human resources. That TikTok video revealed what’s lurking in Tammy’s mind. And it’s very ugly indeed.

GUEST: Kian Simone (@KianSimone44)

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