A Stephen Harper cabinet minister hires Gerald Butts and the CBC to come up with a Great Reset for Alberta. No thanks.

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Trudeau's CBC state broadcaster has rehabilitated Gerald Butts, they have him on all the time now, effectively giving him a pardon for the worst corruption scandal in modern Canadian history. So much for the CBC's solidarity with the first Indigenous justice minister.

But that’s the CBC. They’re gross. And they’re on Trudeau’s payroll. What about Monte Solberg?

Monte was a Preston Manning reformer. Then he was a cabinet minister under Stephen Harper. Conservative guy.

And then he retired. And became a lobbyist.

And so I threw up in my mouth when I saw who else is rehabilitating Butts: Monte Solberg.

Look at this. Like I say, Monte runs a lobbying company, called New West. And they’re having a Great Reset party for Alberta. Called the Great Relaunch.

Mark Carney — Liberal activist, WEF bigshot. Environmentalist extremist.

Gerald Butts. The disgraced, corrupt underminer of courts. The environmental extremist. The pipeline killer. The carbon taxer. Monte is hosting him at his Great Reset for Alberta party.

Vassy Kapelos and Kathleen Petty, of CBC News. But of course. Not Rebel News. Not the Western Standard. Not True North. Not even Postmedia. The CBC. Trudeau’s state broadcaster. Say, I didn’t know that CBC reporters could be rented out by lobbying firms for the delight of their clients.

Ed Whittingham — the former head of the anti-oilsands Pembina institute. The most vicious job killers in Canada. Monte’s good friends with them now.

Mark Cameron — carbon tax extremist who left Jason Kenney’s office in disgrace.

What on earth is Monte doing? Why would he do this?

To get rich, that’s why.

I find it heartbreaking. But it’s a remember of what the Bible says, Psalm 146: "Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.” Yeah. I like some politicians and I dislike some others. But you’d be a fool to trust any of them.

They’ll sell you out for 30 pieces of silver, like Monte did.

I mean seriously — Gerald Butts?

GUEST: Juan Mendoza (@JuanMoreNews)

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