The state of Canada's media landscape: an in-depth look with Andrew Lawton

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Well, as a rule I don't like talking to what I'll call general interest pundits on The Ezra Levant Show. 'Ezra, what do you mean by that?' you might ask. That is to say, I like talking to experts. The other day, for example, I talked to Xi Van Fleet, who is an expert.

She personally lived through Mao's Cultural Revolution in China. Boy, she has a lot to teach us about that subject, including terrifying photos of herself being reeducated. When I think of general interest commentators, I say, well, that's sort of my job. Let me talk to a particular expert like Dr. James Lindsay, the master of cultural Marxism.

But in my friend Andrew Lawton, we have someone who is such a great thinker and a clear analyst of what goes on in this country and around the world.

I could talk to him because on every subject he's got a fresh perspective, a vibrant conservative idea. So I would talk to him about anything, and he joins us tonight to talk about the state of media in Canada, about which is a subject matter expert.

You can find more of Andrew's work at True North, where he is a senior journalist, or over on his Substack page. You can also follow him on Twitter, @AndrewLawton.

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