Is the Great Reset really a conspiracy theory? I’ll show you 34 pages of briefing notes about it written for Trudeau

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It’s not really a conspiracy theory when they publish it on their website.

The WEF is the organization. The Great Reset is their plan.

They have a whole section about it on their website.

Let me read some:

The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world" - Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.

Follow insights on how we can recover from COVID-19 to build a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future.

So there it is. The Great Reset. Using COVID as the excuse to rebuild the world. When they say healthier, they mean vaccine mandates. When they say more equitable, that means socialism — but a weird kind of socialism, crony capitalism, really, with their oligarchs like Bill Gates, another WEF tycoon.

But I’d like to show you something interesting — and I’ll post a copy of the document on the website under this video.

It’s an access to information document, 34 pages long, of briefing notes prepared for Trudeau — all about the WEF and the Great Reset.

Let me say that again: these are internal Canadian government documents, prepared by the Canadian civil service, for Trudeau and his staff, telling them about the WEF’s Great Reset, outlining Canada’s role in it, and facilitating that — making that happen. Making meetings happen. Making statements happen. Making commitments happen.

Or as Klaus Schwab would say — they’re penetrating us. There’s a lot in here. Biographies of the WEF insiders. Plans for speeches and meetings. See the whole document for yourself at the bottom of this page — it’s 34 pages. But I want to focus on this master memo. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy.

Let me hop to another part of the memo. Because its headline is so spot on: World Economic Forum - Great Reset Dialogue.

Here’s a sentence explaining what it’s all about:

You have been invited by the World Economic Forum to participate in the Great Reset dialogue for the first time. The 'Great Reset Dialogues' are a new series of virtual discussions initiated by the WEF which focus on rebuilding the socioeconomic foundations of the post-COVID context in a fairer, more sustainable and resilient manner.

I really could read all 34 pages to you, but that’s too much. And yet it’s not even enough.

This memo — written in 2020 — didn’t yet get into the real globalist agenda for COVID-19. Here’s Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab’s deputy, talking about the real purpose of the lockdowns.

Yeah. They don’t show Trudeau those parts — his job is to let the WEF in. Chrystia Freeland is the one who knows the deeper plans — she’s the one on their board, not Trudeau.

So yeah. Like I say. Is it a conspiracy theory? No. But it is a conspiracy.

It’s encouraging that 20% of Canadians know about it. And it’s telling that the Liberals are so desperate to stop you from knowing about it too.

GUEST: Ann McElhinney (@AnnMcElhinney)

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

READ THE MEMO (pgs. 1-14)

READ THE MEMO (pgs. 15-30)

READ THE MEMO (pgs. 31-34)

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