If the gay rights movement focuses on children, it’s going to lose support

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra reflects on how the gay rights movement originally aimed to secure civil rights for homosexuals, ensuring their freedom and equality in society.

Decades of activism have resulted in legal victories and widespread acceptance. Discrimination in various areas, such as the corporate and political worlds, has significantly diminished.

The movement has achieved dominance and overcome many barriers.

However, cultural Marxism, a divisive ideology that thrives on identity politics, has emerged within the movement.

Look at this protest over the weekend, for example: "We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children".

This ideology has weaponized the movement, shifting its focus away from its core principles. Just as the election of Barack Obama as U.S. president did not eradicate racial division, it marked the beginning of a new era of woke racism.

Similarly, the total victory of the gay rights movement has led to its weaponization for alternative agendas.

One significant concern is the inclusion of the "T" in LGBT. While the movement's original intention was to advocate for the rights of homosexual individuals, the transgender aspect has introduced complexities.

Transitioning from one gender to another contradicts the idea of accepting oneself as a gay man or lesbian. The concept of transitioning implies that individuals must undergo extreme physical alterations, raising questions about its compatibility with homosexuality.

Furthermore, the LGBTQ+ movement has expanded to include a multitude of identities, such as two-spirit, queer, and additional sexual orientations and gender identities.

This expansion goes beyond the initial goals of the movement, focusing on smashing societal structures and establishments rather than promoting acceptance.

It's no wonder that more people are questioning this radical shift in society and you can see the impact on support for same-sex marriage.

So how did that get grafted on to the LGB campaign? Here’s a group called Gays against Groomers, with a protest at the NYC pride parade:

It really is like the satirical website, The Onion, that published this headline more than 20 years ago: "Gay-Pride Parade Sets Mainstream Acceptance Of Gays Back 50 Years".

Here’s a sexually liberated leftist who gets it:

One consequence of this shift is the increasing emphasis on children. The movement's focus on children of tender years has raised eyebrows and caused public concern.

It is essential to differentiate between same-sex attraction and targeting children, as children are pre-sexual beings. If a heterosexual group were to parade, claiming to be coming for children, society would view it as shocking and bizarre. The LGBTQ+ movement should not be exempt from the same scrutiny.

The education system has become a battleground for these issues. Secret clubs and conversations are taking place between teachers and children, often concealed from parents.

Here’s Trudeau’s Rosemary Barton of the CBC:

The idea of keeping sexual matters secret from parents, along with the sexualization of children, is deeply troubling. Parents should have the right to be informed about what their children are being taught, without being labeled as transphobic or discriminatory.

It is crucial to reevaluate the direction in which the gay rights movement is heading. The focus on children, the sexualization of education, and the erosion of parental authority are causing a backlash. The movement risks losing support and tarnishing the progress it has made over the years.

GUEST: Margret Kopala, on her latest for C2C journal: The Virus, the Vaccine, the Victims: Beginning the Great Reckoning.

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