Stephen Harper’s son says I should show more class, stop criticizing Jason Kenney

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Last night, Alberta’s health bureaucrat Deena Hinshaw was milking the last few days of her unchecked power.

The dream will be over for her in two days — she’ll go back to being a nobody. A $370,000 a year nobody.

So she was wringing it out:

Here’s what I wrote in reply:

Then I got this tweet from Ben Harper, Stephen Harper’s son, who went to work for Kenney in the premier’s office; I haven’t seen Ben in a long time, since he was a student.

I was surprised that he went to work for Jason Kenney as a political staffer — I had thought he was on a business path after school:

Well, yeah, no, Ben, there is a lot of data about how lockdowns kill. They kill through suicides. They kill through drug addiction and overdose. They kill through the mortality and morbidity of poverty, that makes everything worse, from regular health, to the stability of marriages, to depression.

I don’t know. I like Ben Harper, even if you can’t tell. Or at least I liked the young student he was when I last spoke with him. But his dad stood for something — and stood against something. Stephen Harper was a real conservative; and he hated the political-media industrial complex, the permanent bureaucracy. He didn’t white-knight for public health officials who violate liberty with a smile.

Who knows. Maybe Stephen Harper has become a swamp creature too; I don’t think so, but maybe.

I just have a tough time believing that the prime minister who set up an office for religious freedom would also send police to arrest pastors again and again and again, and jail them for months, and pass rules that specifically punish churches.

Then again, I wouldn’t have thought Kenney would, either.

GUEST: Jenin Younes (@Leftylockdowns1 on Twitter) on the push for everyone to take a vaccine.

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