Toronto mayoral byelection: Winners, losers and the future of the city

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, David shares his thoughts on how Olivia Chow's victory in the mayoral race can be attributed to her name recognition and support from several unions, despite her campaign's limited press events and scarce interaction with the public.

However, the media seemed to favor Chow, emphasizing her background as the daughter of impoverished immigrants while overlooking her and her late husband's tenure in subsidized housing despite their high incomes.

Looking ahead, Toronto residents should brace themselves for potential property tax hikes and an expansion of bike lanes, as Chow plans to add an additional 200 kilometers of cycling infrastructure. Furthermore, the city may witness an increase in safe injection sites and a lenient approach to park encampments.

These developments raise concerns that Toronto could resemble Portland, which has experienced a decline due to leftist policies.

Toronto is already grappling with issues like gridlock, homelessness, crime rates, and deteriorating infrastructure.

Instead of focusing on resolving these problems, City Council seems preoccupied with costly initiatives such as renaming Dundas Street.

The lack of priorities and mismanagement of the city's affairs ultimately falls on former Mayor John Tory, whose tenure was marred by scandal and hypocrisy.

Tory's infidelity scandal with City Hall staffer Emily Hillstrom exposed his hypocrisy, particularly regarding COVID-19 restrictions that he enforced on the city's residents.

While Torontonians were mandated to wear masks, close their businesses, and practice social distancing, Tory himself was engaging in an extramarital affair, disregarding the guidelines he advocated.

This revelation raised questions about the fairness and effectiveness of the restrictions imposed on the public.

The recent mayoral election turnout of only 38% highlights the issue of voter apathy, not just in municipal elections but also in provincial and federal elections.

Many seem disengaged from politics, preferring to focus on entertainment rather than being actively involved in shaping the decisions that impact their lives. The Jackson Browne song "Lawyers in Love" aptly captures this sentiment.

The Toronto mayoral byelection had its share of winners and losers, but the true loser may be the city itself.

GUEST: Veteran Toronto muckraker' journalist, Sue Ann Levy joins guest hosted by David Menzies for expert analysis breaking down Toronto's recent mayoral election.

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