What if the broken airports aren't a mistake, but actually part of Trudeau's plan to 'Build Back Better'?

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You know, I think they talk more about Ukraine in Canada's Parliament than they do about Alberta. It's the same in the United States. Another day, another billion dollars added to the nearly $50 billion sent to that country. I wonder if there are other parts of America that could use even just $50 million to cope with problems.

There is one thing Canada could do for Ukraine, and to check the power of Russia.

Russia, which truly is an oil and gas economy. That's the vast majority of their foreign currency. They are one of the world's largest producers of oil, basically tied with Saudi Arabia and the United States as the top producer. And natural gas, not only do they have an enormous amount, but they have a near monopoly on supplying gas, especially to parts of Europe, the Baltics, even Germany — 30 to 40% of their energy comes from Russia.

And as you know, we've talked about this before, when you put sanctions on Russia, if you're part of Europe, you're actually putting sanctions on yourself because Russia could probably survive having its gas pipeline to Germany cut off. But could Germany? Well, the answer is obviously no, because they haven't cut it off.

So all the tough talk about sanctions of Russia, there's a giant asterisk, which is that Europe hasn't stopped buying Russian oil and gas for one day. In fact, the only change is that they're now buying much of it in rubles as the currency, which has strengthened the Russian economy. The ruble tumbled early in the war, now it's fully recovered.

My point is that I don't think Russia has lost in some of the ways that the Western media says they have. I think it's lost reputation, and some of the oligarchs have had their yachts seized, and I think diplomatically things terrible.

But economically, I think they've done okay because of oil and gas, which brings us to Canada. Because Canada actually has the third largest oil reserves in the world, courtesy of the oil sands.

And in fact, we have, half of the world's accessible oil. What I mean by that is, you can't just go to Saudi Arabia and start drilling — you need the permission of the government, they have a monopoly over there. If you want oil and gas, Alberta is the place — except that is the one thing Justin Trudeau will not do for Ukraine.

He'll give money, he'll give a few weapons. He'll go and visit Kiev, and hang out with the rock band U2.

But the one thing Justin Trudeau actually could do, that he refuses to do, is open up the pipes of Canadian oil and gas to not just Ukraine, but other European countries.

He refuses to build pipelines. He refuses to allow the replacement of Russian conflict oil with Canadian ethical oil. He will not be moved on that.

And it got me thinking, what Trudeau really wants is for oil and gas to be phased out. He doesn't want the oil and gas sector to be successful. He means it when he cuts off pipelines. And it got me thinking of another economic disaster that's happening right now in Canada.

I mean, I think killing the pipelines is an enormous economic disaster that will take trillions of dollars out of the Canadian economy over time and hundreds of thousands of jobs over time. And of course, it will not allow us to displace OPEC and Russian crude oil.

But what about what's going on in the airlines?

Take a look at the images from Toronto Pearson Airport, the largest in the country. Montreal is even worse here.

The airports are in free fall.

I saw the other day that Air Canada is simply suspending many of its flights. For example, it no longer services Moncton or Bathurst, New Brunswick.

I received an email, as I'm sure many of you did. It looked like a mass email from the CEO of Air Canada, explaining that they simply cannot fly as they want to there, I understand they're canceling 154 flights per day. That's tens of thousands of people.

Why are they being canceled?

It's not actually Air Canada's fault. It's not actually West jets fault. Some parts of it are, I mean they make mistakes too, and they were only too happy to go along with the federal government's demand that they fire their unvaccinated staff. That can't help when you take hundreds of airplane staff, ground staff, gate agent staff out of the picture.

But it's the absurd rules that the government has newly imposed upon the industry that are breaking it.

Airports are not mass health triage facilities, they're designed for quick-on and quick-off the planes. And once you start adding hours to any one flight, it's a domino effect.

It's destroyed the industry for months to come.

But I was thinking about Trudeau saying, no, we do not want to revive the Canadian oil patch, we do not want to build pipelines, even though that is actually an enormous thing that could really help Ukraine.

Trudeau doesn't believe in doing the one thing they actually need, because he is so ideologically committed to phase out the oil sands.

And so it got me thinking about these airports. Trudeau doesn't think that there's a crisis. He's certainly not acting like it. He hasn't taken any steps, even though there's obvious steps he could take immediately to make the problem better.

He wants this. Now, why would he want it? I think he likes the idea of reduced flying. I think he likes the World Economic Forum motto, "You'll own nothing and you'll be happy". He uses the phrase "Build Back Better", as all the globalists do.

But Trudeau's actually never built anything in his life. He's never fixed a problem. He was never created something when he says "build back better".

He's not talking about building pipelines or building an economy. He means building in a new ideological approach to things. "Build back better" means build back more socialistically, build back more environmentally — not to actually build anything better, but to inject his ideology and the things.

The crumbling air industry in Canada isn't a bug, it's a feature. It's what he wants. He wants it to punish people who were unvaccinated and he didn't want them to fly at all, but he wants to punish people who make the foolish choice to engage in a high carbon lifestyle, himself excepted of course. I see that Trudeau is overseas again, this time I think in Madrid. He's in Canada less and less.

I don't think this is an accident. I don't think it's possible to be this incompetent by accident.

Justin Trudeau hasn't actually built anything or fixed anything. But amongst the Canadian government, I think there's enough civil servants who still do care that they could fix the airports, fix the passports, fix all these things. But I don't think they're being directed to.

I think we are being taught that our country is evil and racist and full of hate, that our history is nothing but genocide and our future is endless struggle sessions with woke. I think we're being told that that we'll own nothing and will be poor, but we'll be happy. We won't fly anymore, and that we will be built back better — in Trudeau's image.

I find it a dark time. I'm not trying to be pessimistic. I'm just telling you what I see.

GUEST: Rav Arora (@RavArora1 on Twitter)

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