Breaking the mold on foreign policy: An interview with Maxime Bernier

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In today's episode of Ezra Levant Show, Ezra and PPC leader Maxime Bernier discuss the current conflict in Ukraine. While most political parties seem to be pro-war and are willing to send billions of dollars and high-tech equipment to the war, Bernier is one of the few Canadian politicians who's willing to be contrarian on this subject.

Believing in sovereign states and borders means that any war is a failure of diplomacy and economy. Which emphasizes that the key question is not should Russia invade Ukraine, they have, and the big question is what Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States do in response to this?

The conflict in Ukraine is unlike any other conflict in the world because at the end of the day, Russia has nuclear weapons. Bernier emphasizes that we need to be careful about brinksmanship because this could lead to a catastrophic war.

Bernier argues that the legacy media's narrative is all about Ukraine, and if you're not pro-Ukraine, you're pro-Putin, and you're not a good Canadian.

He commends Rebel News for bringing the other side of the story and stressed the need to focus on peace and diplomacy, and not on war. He believes that Canada should not be involved in the conflict and should instead focus on its own economy and its own people.

China has increasingly allied itself with Russia, which could lead to the gravest re-alignment of strategic politics. In the 50 years since Richard Nixon broke communist China away from the Soviet Union and tried to reorient it towards the West, those two giant foes could unite against the West.

Bernier says that we need to be careful about the current conflict in Ukraine because this could lead to a catastrophic war, and we need to focus on peace and diplomacy.

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