Canada's anti-Semitism brigade ramps up intimidation of Jewish communities

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Tonight, Hamas protesters occupy a block in a Jewish residential neighborhood with plenty of violence. Why is that being normalized?

Since the heart-wrenching October 7 attacks on Jews by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, two Canadian cities and the surrounding suburbs have become unrecognizable.

Just recently, another regularly scheduled hate march took place north of Toronto. This time, Hamas protestors targeted a synagogue to try and normalize anti-Semitism.

A separate but related incident in Toronto saw local law enforcement do nothing as agitators cordoned off an entire Jewish neighbourhood. Instead of enforcing the law, they brought coffee to reward them for their efforts.

Since the mass murder of 1,200 Jews in Israel, supporters of Hamas and their Intifada have brought this evil to our shores. 

A Jewish school was evacuated after bomb threats had been uttered by men passing by. A Molotov cocktail and bullets flied in Montreal soon after.

And yet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remains on the fence. It took him until Thursday to condemn the hate and harassment.

"There are horrible things that we are seeing, but it is not who we are to take it out on our fellow Canadians," he said. "Hateful or harassing behaviour, particularly against neighbours, is not what we do here in Canada."

The situation on the ground has grown so dire that Quebec's Superior Court granted an injunction barring these protestors from coming within 50 metres of a Montreal synagogue.

It is without reservation that Jewish shops, homesteads, and synagogues in our own backyard have become the scapegoat for unbridled Jew hatred. And many are left to fend for themselves.

GUESTJoel Pollak, Breitbart Senior editor on his reaction to Joe Biden's State of the Union address.

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