Rebel reports live from Lethbridge to cover the 'Coutts Four' pre-trial hearing

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Tonight, Ezra Levant reports live from court in Lethbridge as the pre-trial court proceedings into the 'Coutts Four' continue.

Four men — Anthony Olienick, Chris Carbert, Chris Lysak and Jerry Morin — were charged with conspiracy during the Coutts border blockade more than two years ago.

Two of the suspects charged with conspiring to murder Mounties pleaded guilty February 6 to reduced charges. Lysak admitted a charge of possession of a weapon in an unauthorized place, while Morin admitted to a charge of conspiracy to traffic firearms in connection with the 2022 Freedom Convoy. 

Carbert and Olienick remain in custody and are expected to stand trial in June. Their pre-trial hearings continue today in Lethbridge.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau desperately desired a "January 6th insurrection" narrative that never came to be. Instead, farmers, truckers and everyday Canadians came together to rejected Canada's draconian vaccine mandates.

Among the charges laid against the "Coutts Four" involved explosives, and conspiracy to commit murder of a police officer. The Coutts blockade immediately cleared upon learning weapons had been present.

As of writing, Carbert has not received a plea deal, given you can't have a conspiracy of one.

His mother, Betty, recently sat down for an extensive interview with Rebel News about Chris as a person.

"He is the friendliest person you'll ever know," she said. "If you ask anyone who knows [Chris], he is the type of person to drop everything to go help you." 

Betty also divulged her thoughts on the blockade and ongoing court hearings. "As everyone knows, the [RCMP] had undercover police [at Coutts] and women," she said, noting they did "a lot of flirting."

"One of the other co-accused really enjoyed that," claimed Betty, without mentioning who. 

The charges of conspiracy against Olienick only work if there's more than one person who is charged. Either he is a blowhard, or he isn't.

Ezra recently visited Carbert at the Lethbridge Correctional Centre where he remains. Rebel News has set up a special crowdfunding account just for Chris, at All proceeds will go to pay for his lawyers in the weeks and months ahead. 

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