Canadians are abandoning the Liberals, so Trudeau pays off his base: journalists

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Tonight, as Canadians abandon the Liberal Party in record numbers, Trudeau pays off his base: journalists.

It's important not to put too much stock in polls as a prediction for the future. They are snapshots of the present. But still, you have to like how the polls have been looking for about a year now.

In the last month or so, they're the worst-ever results for Trudeau. It is a fact that Donald Trump's approval numbers in Canada are higher than Justin Trudeau's approval numbers in Kansas.

Now it's good to look at several pollsters because they have different approaches and different reliability, but Abacus research is a personal favourite.

They're liberal, and so when they report bad news about Justin Trudeau they're doing it against their instincts but they have to be honest about it. It's sort of like when The New York Times criticizes a liberal; you know it's got to be bad for them to say so.

Young people favour the Conservatives in a way that hasn't been seen in generations. Now every other demographic seems to favour them too, including women.

So who is still for Trudeau? Not young people. Not minorities other than the pro-Hamas segments. Not women, not even Atlantic Canadians, not even Quebecers. So who is his base? Well, the answer is so obvious. It's journalists. They're not numerous, but they have megaphones and magnifying glasses.

Documents released by Canadian Heritage on Thursday show CBC will get a $1.4 billion budget in 2024, up from the $1.3 billion it spent in the previous year. The increase amounts to $96.1 million, which the department says is primarily attributable to salary increases following the ratification of collective agreements. They're all getting raises. Did you get a raise last year?

Justin Trudeau is taking care of those whom he wants to take care of in Ottawa. But the good news is that every day that the journalists of this country mimic the Liberals, they also absorb more of the hatred that's directed at the Liberals. Bribing journalists like this is not going to save Trudeau. It's going to drag the media down with him.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation on the upcoming carbon tax and MP pay hike next month.

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