Antisemitism is no longer taboo in Canada

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra examines why antisemitism is no longer confined to the fringes of Canadian society. It has became painfully evident that attitudes once considered abhorrent are now finding a disturbingly comfortable foothold in our midst.

There was a time when antisemitism was met with universal disdain. It was the mark of a pariah, relegated to the shadows of society. The horrors of the Holocaust, still within living memory, served as a stark reminder of the consequences of such bigotry. But as the years have passed, so too has the strength of that taboo.

Consider the recent remarks made by NDP's Brian Masse. His implication that antisemitism is somehow justified by the actions of Israel is a chilling departure from decency. Such sentiments, once unthinkable, are now brazenly aired without fear of any fallout.

Equally troubling is the complacency displayed by certain segments of the media. The publication of a cartoon depicting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as a bloodsucking vampire by one of Quebec's largest newspapers reeks of antisemitic tropes. Staunchly defending free speech is what we do at Rebel News, however it is imperative that we condemn such insidious imagery for what it is.

Even more alarming is the lackluster response from our political leaders. The tepid excuses offered by the Heritage Minister regarding the aforementioned cartoon only serve to embolden those who peddle antisemitism.

The cancellation of a Jewish festival in Hamilton under the guise of "security concerns" is yet another distressing development. Are we to believe that in a country built on principles of tolerance and diversity, a community celebration must be sacrificed at the altar of fear?

The role of law enforcement in safeguarding against such acts cannot be overstated. Yet, the reluctance of authorities to confront antisemitism head-on speaks volumes. When elected officials masquerade as Palestinian activists or turn a blind eye to hate marches, it sends a chilling message to Jewish Canadians: you are not safe.

It is time for us to confront this ugly reality with unwavering resolve. The rise of antisemitic sentiment in Canada is not merely a reflection of events abroad; it is a stain on the fabric of our nation. We must reaffirm our commitment to combating antisemitism in all its forms, lest we allow the shadows of the past to darken our future.

Antisemitism may no longer be taboo in certain circles, but that does not mean we must accept it as the new normal.

GUEST: Senior Journalist, Sue Ann Levy of True North Centre on the ongoing rise of anti-Israel protests in Toronto and Mayor Olivia Chow's response.

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