True North's Candice Malcolm on Trudeau's quest to censor independent journalists

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I've said before, and I'll say it again: soon there will only be two kinds of journalists left in Canada. Those funded by the government, and those they censure.

Tonight, Ezra interviews True North founder Candice Malcolm on Bill C-63, the Online Harms Act.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's censorship law seeks to destroy our most fundamental freedoms of speech, of thought, and the press. It will make a mockery of the rule of law as well. 

"We pose a huge threat to the liberal establishment, not just the prime minister," said Malcolm.

"We know that we pose a huge threat to him because he doesn't let us anywhere near him," she added. "He was in Calgary last week and he wouldn't let independent reporters even scrum him on the way to the car."

"I think it reflects really badly on the political class and also fellow journalists who are part of the establishment. They never defend us [because] they don't really believe in freedom of press."

Bill C-63 seeks to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to clarify that online 'hate speech' is discrimination. And for Trudeau, dissent is hateful and constitutes intimidation. If the legislation passes, it permits confidential complaints if the Commission thinks the individual(s) might be subjected to said "intimidation."

The so-called victims of 'hate speech' could be compensated up to $20,000, with stand-alone hate crimes being added to the Criminal Code. The federal government would be owed an additional $50,000.

Those who engage in 'hate speech' could face life imprisonment, or face house arrest with an ankle bracelet. Under Justin Trudeau, words are being criminalized.

You can be charged for anything you write, whether it be recent or from yesteryear. As long as there's a digital footprint, you are liable for your words.

Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is back, and likely to be weaponized against dissenting Canadian expression.

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