Alberta Premier Danielle Smith talks oil and gas with Rebel News

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Tonight, a feature interview with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith on ethical Canadian oil and gas.

Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault would say that conventional oil and gas is an unnecessary evil. It has no place in the net zero economy of tomorrow.

According to Smith, there's no question that the issue of emissions needs to be addressed on the path to eliminate emissions. But that does not involve phasing out oil and natural gas production.

"I believe we have so many industries that have a strategy to be carbon neutral by 2050; that innovation is going to solve this problem," she said. That allows for us to get our ethical products to tidewater.

"One thing ... people forget is that a barrel of oil isn't just gasoline and diesel. You can make 6000 products out of a barrel of oil," continued Smith.

"We still need asphalt for roads. We still need petrochemicals, [and] lubricants. We still need so many of the things that come from a barrel of oil."

In an earlier interview with Alberta's Premier, Rebel News asked for her stance on federal attempts to limit Alberta's oil and gas production. "If you are trying to limit our production, it's a violation of the Constitution, and so we are going to make sure that we defend that vigorously," replied Smith.

Smith told the publication she warned her federal counterparts that Alberta would not phase out conventional oil and gas to reduce emissions.

"I think our solution is more LNG exports," she said. "If you can reliance on heavier pollutant fuels, that's a win for the planet."

"We've got a number of companies ... that are looking at different technologies so they can reduce the number of emissions they have."

Smith welcomed federal collaboration, but warned her government would fight unilateral obstructions on Alberta's resource sector.

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