A curious opinion poll shows an important divide in society. Which side are you on?

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I saw an opinion poll in the Toronto Star the other day. It was meant, I’m sure, to embarrass people like me and maybe like you, it was a sort of weaponized poll, I think, but I don’t mind it because I think it’s true, just not in the way the Star and the pollster meant it.

Here’s the story in the Star with the poll, conducted by a Liberal polling firm named Ekos.

The story is headlined:

How vaccination status might predict views on the Russian invasion of Ukraine
New poll indicates that “vaccine refusers are much more sympathetic to Russia.”

Now isn’t that odd! Because back a few months ago, another poll, taken by another Liberal polling company called Abacus (are there any Conservative polling companies?) said that the typical vaccine hesitant person in Canada was a 42-year-old mom in Ontario who votes Liberal!

I’ll come back to that Abacus poll later, but let’s focus on the new one in the Star:

The poll found 26 per cent of those who identified as unvaccinated agreed the Russian invasion is justified, with another 35 per cent not offering an opinion. This compared to only two per cent of surveyed Canadians who said they had three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and who supported the attack, and four per cent who offered no view.

At first glance, it's a strange question to ask. There is no connection.

Except it’s immediately obvious what the political goal of this story and this poll is.

GUEST: Joel Berry, Managing Editor for the Babylon Bee

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