David Menzies on the 'creepy cross-section' between radical transgenderism and mental illness

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Tonight, Rebel News Mission Specialist David Menzies covers another edition of "transanity" as guest host for the Ezra Levant Show.

Regular viewers of Rebel News know full well that one of the beats we cover closely is the creepy cross-section where radical transgenderism collides with mental illness.

Tonight, Menzies follows up on his Windsor, Ontario reports in search of the trans-cat and trans-police officer changing with women.

While the woke mainstream media pretends the issue does not exist, we courageously report on the matter from the frontlines. 

The barrage of activists and biological men intruding on female spaces is intensifying, and it will only get worse from hereon.

Unlike the mainstream media, we do not believe that “transwomen are real women.” 

The institutions that should be the gatekeepers are allowing this perversity to fester in the name of that unholy trinity of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Meanwhile, the modern-day feminist movement is sitting this one out. 

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  • By David Menzies


Are you a concerned parent? Or an unfairly disadvantaged athlete? If you'd like to let us know about a troubling situation or incident involving inappropriate behaviour by a "trans" man or woman, please click here to submit an anonymous tip.


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