Public health top docs are the new unelected, non-accountable politicians

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

A key catalyst for the non-medical misery this pandemic has spawned is a new kind of unelected, non-accountable politician.

It sounds like I am describing a dictator. But I call them “doctators” because these tyrants tend to have medical degrees. And they know best. Just ask them.

But when the smoke settles and the dust clears and COVID-19 is a long forgotten nightmare fading away in the rear-view mirror of history, one thing is certain: we must have inquiries as to how it is that public health officers got to wield such incredible power.

Like the power to shutdown and lockdown and change locks on businesses and even sic the riot police on eateries and churches and gymnasiums – even though there is virtually no evidence of such places being super-spreader crucibles.

And who exactly are these medical health brainiacs?

GUEST: Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot on Twitter) on the fake meat business.

FINALLY: Your messages to us!

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