“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” — that’s not now

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It’s May 20th. The year is almost half done. This pandemic is about to devour a second year of our lives.

But not the pandemic itself; the opportunistic political response to it. The abject failure the entire establishment — the “public health” industrial complex; the media; legislatures — both governments and especially oppositions — courts; lawyers; law professors; NGOs and civil liberties groups.

Total system-wide failure. And we’re not done yet. They’re done in Texas and Florida. Boy they’ve been done in China for a long time — they’re laughing.

It’s not ending soon. If you look at various government contracts, whether it’s for COVID jails or vaccine programs, Trudeau is signing contracts well into 2024. That’s three more years.

Did you see this in the Ottawa Citizen? How is it that you can be vaccinated but die from the virus?

Three vaccinated long-term care residents die after contracting COVID-19 variant

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We’re not getting out of this anytime soon. Oh, sure, they might lift their boot off of you for a few months this summer. But not if you’re a Christian pastor. They might let patios open up at restaurants. But mark my words, they’ll be locking us back up in the fall.

It’s just too good for them. The power; the money; the bullying; the name-calling; the little prison guards within them have simply had too much fun.

And really — who is doing to tell them to stop? No-one has, for 14 months. So why would they?

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