Standing tall: A special longform interview with Maxime Bernier

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Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra catches up with Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People's Party of Canada, on his return to public office.

The age-old quip suggests that politicians are destined for two terms: one in Parliament, and another in jail.

However, it takes a grim turn in Bernier's context who, as Levant points out, fell victim to an actual politically-motivated incarceration in Canada.

This shadow looms large as Bernier once again seeks to serve his constituents in the province where he was formerly arrested.

The root cause of Bernier's legal scuffle lies in his courageous decision to campaign in Manitoba during the pandemic.

When Bernier refused to back down, former MP Brian Pallister threatened him with the harshest of consequences. This incident, according to Levant, transcended politics, transforming into a shocking display of bullying and state-sanctioned rivalry.

In spite of his past struggles, Bernier appeared resilient and prepared for the road ahead.

While acknowledging his conviction under a now-obsolete pandemic law, he expressed frustration at his brief incarceration, especially as the pandemic had ended.

Bernier’s brush with the law was a glaring example of a Canadian political figure enduring a punishment he did not merit, and which went unchallenged by politicians and civil libertarians alike.

Bernier detailed his court experience, expressing his dismay at the lukewarm coverage by mainstream media of the first-ever arrest and jailing of a Canadian political leader for a non-crime. The verdict saw him paying a fine to the very state that violated his rights – a situation that left Bernier frustrated.

Despite the criticism from some quarters for not appealing the decision, Bernier defended his stance by highlighting the importance of saving taxpayers' money.

He also revealed that a similar case would be soon going before the Manitoba Court of Appeal, potentially offering some clarity on the constitutionality of these government actions.

Bernier is now beginning a new chapter, with his sights set on the federal by-elections scheduled for June 19th. He aims to secure a seat in the Portage-Lisgar constituency, once held by Candice Bergen.

In the previous elections, the People's Party of Canada secured an impressive 22% of the vote in this riding, hinting at a potential right-wing shift in the constituency.
Amidst challenging circumstances and disheartening setbacks, Bernier stands undeterred.

His story serves as a testament to the resilience of individuals committed to their cause, making it clear that he's not about to bow out of Canadian politics anytime soon.

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