Behind bars, but not forgotten: The Coutts conspiracy saga continues

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Tonight, Ezra reports from the frosty heart of Southern Alberta, as a legal battle rages on that has captured the attention of many.

The town of Coutts became the unlikely battleground for a group of truckers and farmers, fed up with what they saw as Justin Trudeau's oppressive lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

Inspired by a larger movement in Ottawa, these individuals staged a peaceful protest, which quickly escalated into a standoff with law enforcement.

Rebel News, known for championing civil liberties, took a keen interest in these events, embedding journalists with the protesters and even dispatching lawyers to provide legal guidance.

However, what began as a protest rooted in frustration soon took a dark turn. Four men were charged not with civil disobedience, but with conspiracy to commit murder, specifically against the police.

These men have now spent over 600 days behind bars, awaiting trial. The legal process has been slow, with their case not scheduled until May, more than two years after their arrest. The situation raises significant concerns about pretrial custody and the presumption of innocence.

Recently, Chris Carbert applied for a review of his bail conditions. While the main hearing is yet to come, a judge acknowledged that there were significant changes since his initial bail hearing, allowing for a new chance to present his case. This development offers a glimmer of hope for the accused, but the road ahead remains uncertain.

The case has sparked debates about the nature of the charges and the pretrial treatment of the accused. Rebel News, as a defender of civil liberties, has opted not to crowdfund for these men, with our main focus on supporting cases of peaceful civil disobedience.

However, other crowdfunding efforts have emerged to provide legal representation for the accused. The eyes of the nation remain fixed on the outcome, awaiting answers in this ongoing saga.

GUEST: Andy Lee, Rebel's China Affairs reporter on the Canada's WECHAT app ban on government devices.

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