The Hamas hate rallies continue across the US and Canada. How long until a Jew gets shot?

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The recent wave of pro-Hamas demonstrations in North America has turned violent and deadly, posing a serious threat to the Jewish community, Ezra highlights on tonight's show.

On November 9th, a Jewish man who was holding an Israeli flag was fatally stabbed in Los Angeles by a Muslim professor who sympathized with Hamas. The coroner ruled the death as a homicide, which implies a deliberate killing.

This was not an isolated incident, but part of a pattern of antisemitic attacks fuelled by the Hamas propaganda.

On the same day, another group of Hamas supporters tried to disrupt a private event at the Museum of Tolerance, where the Israeli actress Gal Gadot was showing a video series produced by the Israeli government. The videos depicted the horrific and brutal attacks that Hamas has launched against Israel and its civilians.

Some of the footage was so disturbing that it was not made public, but only shown to select audiences around the world.

The Museum of Tolerance, which is dedicated to promoting respect and understanding among different groups, was surrounded by angry protesters who chanted slogans against Israel and Jews.

They waved Palestinian flags and signs that accused Israel of genocide and apartheid. A news helicopter captured the scene of the chaos and the police intervention.

Los Angeles is not the only city where such incidents have occurred. In New York, which has the largest Jewish population in the US, there have been several clashes between pro-Hamas and pro-Israel demonstrators. The police have struggled to contain the violence and prevent further escalation.

These events show that the Hamas hate rallies are not peaceful expressions of solidarity, but dangerous provocations that endanger the lives and rights of Jews in North America. How long will it take before another Jew is killed?

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