A Liberal pollster does the unthinkable and actually asks Canadians why they hate Trudeau

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Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, a liberal pollster does the unthinkable and actually asks Canadians why they hate Trudeau.

In journalism, the greatest exercise of editorial control, and therefore the greatest way that bias is expressed, is not how any particular story is covered, but what stories are covered and what stories are not covered – what stories are ignored.

It's the same with opinion polls. What questions are asked and what questions are not asked? The wording of a poll can get a different result depending on how you phrase it, which is why you have to look deeper into a poll before you believe the result.

But there is a pollster talked about a fair bit here, Ezra's favorite pollster and friend: David Calello, who works for Abacus. It is a liberal-affiliated company – its chairman, Bruce Cameron is a long-time Trudeau insider. But in this case, their corporate affection for Justin Trudeau is making them ask questions about Trudeau that are really relevant, because for months now Trudeau has been trailing well beyond the margin of error.

There is no pollster out there who doesn't think Trudeau's going to get walloped. The batting average is that Pierre Pollievre probably would win a majority government. So the liberalness, or maybe just the curiosity, of Abacus means they're going to try and find out what's going on. They're going to ask real questions to find out: Is there a way back for Justin Trudeau?

GUEST: Rebel News journalist Alexa Lavoie reports from London, where pro-Hamas demonstrations continue to heat up.

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