The cowards hiding behind the Internet are wrong on Hitler and Hamas

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Tonight, Ezra Levant takes on the scourge of antisemitism and its worst purveyors of the past century: Hitler and Hamas.

"To the cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and posting "Hitler was right": You got something you want to say? Why don't you say it to our faces," posted Charles Weber on his X feed, Wednesday.

On October 7, 2023 - nearly 50 years to the day since the Yom Kippur War - thousands of Iran-backed terrorists circumvented Israel's state-of-the-art defense to slaughter more than 1,200 Israeli citizens and foreign nationals of mostly Jewish descent. Subject to torture, rape and mutilation, noncombatant Jews faced unspeakable horrors that weekend.

Hundreds more remain captive in the Gaza Strip, with diplomatic and military efforts underway to ensure their safe return.

In the aftermath of Islamic Jihad, antisemitism reared its ugly face to intimidate Jews in their homesteads and communities abroad, and on social media. Millions endorsed anti-Israel protests in Canada and across the globe, including a 'Global Day of Jihad' six days later.

The participants gloated and cheered the barbarism and butchery of the Jewish people. In fact, some endorsed further carnage.

In particular, one 'protestor' in Canada called the Islamic terror attacks "literally a small response." 

"Hamas is our freedom fighters," he said.

Even Ontario NDP MPP Sarah Jama chimed in at Hamilton's city hall, chanting: "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!" 

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeatedly called for a ceasefire to the Israel-Hamas war.

He urged Hamas, a designated terror group, to release hostages, while pledging tens of millions more in aid for displaced Palestinians that could end up in the coffers of Hamas leadership. 

GUEST: Lorne Gunter, Senior columnist at the Edmonton Sun, who breaks down the UCP's plan to overhaul the healthcare system of Alberta for the better

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