The Media Party’s corrosive role in the COVID pandemic

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Have you seen any member of the Media Party who is opposed to the lockdown? I haven’t. They’re ecstatic about it.

Yes, I acknowledge that there are now more than 11,000 deaths from the virus in Canada, and each death is a tragedy.

But I also know that in any given year there are between 6,500 and 8,500 deaths from the flu, so this isn’t exactly the Black Plague. I also know that the average age of the victims is actually higher than the average life expectancy of people — it’s in the mid-80s. That doesn’t make me feel better; every life is valuable.

What’s so interesting is that the average person who died from the virus had massive pre-existing health problems.

In Alberta, 76 per cent had three or more big problems, the most common being high blood pressure, dementia and heart disease. So yeah. It is a deadly disease if you are over 80 and have multiple serious health problems. Even riskier, if you have a do not revive order attached to your bed in a Quebec nursing home.

Other than that — I think you’ll probably be OK.

So the lockdowns aren’t about science or medicine; they’re about power.

I think that, given we’ve all known about this pandemic for more than half a year, hospitals are prepared for it. Medically.

And the Media Party is prepared for it politically, too, aren’t they? They’re the source of the misinformation now. They’re the source of the risk now. They’re the ones actively lobbying to shut down the economy now.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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