Tommy Robinson arrested for peacefully covering pro-Israel rally journalistically

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Tonight, Ezra shares his experience reporting on a march against antisemitism in London, U.K.

The rally drew pro-Hamas hate marchers and a heavy police presence, which closed off central London to vehicle traffic. Obviously, they did not want a terrorist attack or even a nonviolent altercation with the pro-Hamas forces, of which there were hundreds of thousands.

That's where Ezra ran into Tommy Robinson, a former Rebel News contributor. He was there to report on the protest and shared the warnings given to him by police who informed him that his presence could cause alarm and distress, and he might face arrest for attempting to report on the situation.

Robinson opened up about the perceived lack of action against those calling for Jihad on the streets and raised concerns about freedom of the press and potential repercussions for his reporting. 

Ezra also interviewed protesters on the streets to find out where they stand on mass immigration and open borders in the wake of these protests.

GUEST: Tommy Robinson, independent reporter and former Rebel journalist

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