Alberta uses the nuclear option against the Feds' 'clean' electricity regulations

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Premier Danielle Smith invoked her Sovereignty Act to protect Alberta rate-payers against new federally mandated electricity standards that will make life less affordable and power more expensive and unreliable.

In the Monday press conference, Smith laid the groundwork for a provincially owned energy company that could circumvent federal restrictions.

Saskatchewan's provincial energy company, SaskPower is not collecting the carbon tax on home heating in defiance of the Liberals and protest of a carve-out granted to the Liberal stronghold of Atlantic Canada.

It's the first time the act, which compels the Province of Alberta to defend its jurisdiction from federal overreach, has been used since its passing nearly a year ago. And the Trudeau Liberals are spooked by it, calling the invocation of the law irresponsible.

The Liberals' allies in Alberta, the socialist New Democrats headed by former failed Premier Rachel Notley, claim that using the act will cause economic instability and are bizarrely against creating a crown corporation.

However, the nationalization of business has been a cornerstone of NDP policy since the party's inception. Now they take their marching orders from Trudeau and abandon their own, albeit flawed, principles.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation joins guest host Sheila Gunn Reid to discuss the ballooning costs of Justin Trudeau's Coronation Vacation.

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