Geert Wilders sits down with Ezra Levant for a Rebel News exclusive

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Tonight, Ezra interviews Geert Wilders of the Dutch Party for Freedom on their historic election victory, mass immigration, and more.

Once a proud global empire, and home to the Dutch East India Trading Company, the Dutch face an existential crisis today: Will it secede from the globalist European Union, and can it survive a demographic shift of unprecedented proportions?

After a shocking electoral victory, Geert Wilders rose to the top last week with nearly double the vote of the next party.

Wilders won on a simple but profound platform of curbing immigration, especially Islamic immigration. He called the European Union's failed policy on open borders its "biggest mistake" in the absence of assimilation to the Dutch way-of-life.

For years, Wilders has taken to task the political and media establishment for silencing the Dutch amid efforts to erode its identity. "They're fighting against our mere existence," he said. "We only import more terrorism, and more intolerance."

After a resounding electoral victory, it appears the Dutch electorate has spoken — split from the European Union appears, or else.

During their conversation, Ezra asked Wilders about a number of issues, including advice for conservative parties in the West, the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, and the importance of independent media in the age of censorship.

GUEST: Geert Wilders, Dutch politician and leader of the Party for Freedom.

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