Southwest Airlines cancels 2,000 flights — could it happen in Canada?

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Look at what’s happening to Southwest Airlines: 2,000 flights cancelled over the weekend. 2,000!

That’s a lot of bad luck. What’s it all about? Hundreds of delayed flights, many delayed repeatedly? Here’s what they have to say.

“ATC issues and disruptive weather have resulted in a high volume of cancellations throughout the weekend while we work to recover our operation. We appreciate your patience as we accommodate affected Customers, and Customer Service wait times are longer than usual.”

That’s really bad luck. But since when does bad weather only affect one airline? And weather across America was as close to perfect as it gets. What weather?

And here’s what the FAA says:

No FAA air traffic staffing shortages have been reported since Friday.

“Flight delays & cancellations occurred for a few hours Friday PM due to widespread severe weather, military training, & limited staffing in one area of the Jacksonville en route center.

Some airlines continue to experience scheduling challenges due to aircraft and crews being out of place. (2/2)”

OK, that was weird. Widespread severe weather? But that’s not what the weather radar showed. Limited staffing in Jacksonville? OK, so how does that explain 2,000 flights?

Could it possibly be about something else?

Here’s a report from CNBC; first tweet deleted, but then: 

“SWA didn't say those were the only reasons. Southwest said that it initiated its issues over the weekend but acknowledged staffing issues created the bulk of the problem. As we reported today, union figures show 2,000+ cancellations were bc of unavailable crews.”

What are they mad about? I wonder!

Here’s more from CNBC, which is angry: basically saying, we paid you, so take the jab; Union boss: “natural immunity, antibodies, alternative means of compliance” 

Well, look at what the pilots union filed in court:

Emergency court application:  UNION DEMANDS:

[IMAGE] B. That the Court grant immediate, preliminary injunctive relief enjoining Defendant and its agents, employees, representatives, and successors and predecessors in interest from using and enforcing the following policies as they relate to the Southwest Airline Pilots pending completion of the RLA’s “major” dispute resolution procedures,:

(1) the Infectious Disease Control Policy,
(2) the Emergency Extended Time Off (“ExTO”) Program, (3) the COVID quarantine policies,
(4) the Vaccine Participation Pay Program (“VPPP”),
(5) the Flight Crew Training Instructors Program, and
(6) the mandatory COVID vaccine policy.

Sounds pretty vaccine-ish. But that’s not what Psaki says:

Now, Southwest Airlines president says he doesn’t want the jab, but he has to — it’s all Biden’s fault. That sounds plausible. But is it true?

Executive Order on Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees

Sec. 2.  Mandatory Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees.  Each agency shall implement, to the extent consistent with applicable law, a program to require COVID-19 vaccination for all of its Federal employees, with exceptions only as required by law.  The Task Force shall issue guidance within 7 days of the date of this order on agency implementation of this requirement for all agencies covered by this order.

Sec. 3.  Definitions.  For the purposes of this order:
     (a)  The term “agency” means an Executive agency as defined in 5 U.S.C. 105 (excluding the Government Accountability Office).
     (b)  The term “employee” means an employee as defined in 5 U.S.C. 2105 (including an employee paid from nonappropriated funds as referenced in 5 U.S.C. 2105(c)).

This is a good old fashioned labour action. They’re not really allowed to strike under their deal — so it’s about sick days. Which I believe, by the way.

I’m for the unions now — for occupational health and safety — the left isn’t.

I sure hope this spreads to Air Canada and WestJet.

GUEST: Michael Malice (@MichaelMalice on Twitter) joins the show to talk police abusing their power during COVID-19.

FINALLY: Your letters to me!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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