I’m worried about the Hamas attack on Israel ... but I’m more worried about the Hamas rallies in Canada

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With the world gripped by the tension of war, we are reminded that it's not just some distant conflict happening in the Middle East — but one raging within our own borders, too.

Tonight, Ezra highlights how the recent surge of pro-Hamas rallies in Canada has ignited a wave of concern, serving as a harsh reality check even as the distressing events unfold in the Middle East.

Amid the chaos, questions loom about the future of Gaza under Hamas control. The prospect of urban warfare, devoid of clear solutions, haunts the region. Equally troubling is the indoctrination of young minds, fostering anti-Semitism and violence from an early age.

International politics further complicate the scenario. While the Biden administration deploys aircraft carriers, the motives remain uncertain —deterrence or defence?

Meanwhile, Canada faces internal threats, with incidents of pro-Hamas rallies featuring alarming symbols and slogans. Such events in Mississauga, Edmonton, and Calgary underscore the gravity of the situation.

Anti-Semitic incidents are not isolated, spreading from Vancouver to Toronto. The rise of extremist ideologies in Europe, particularly France and the UK, serves as a warning to Canada.

The challenge lies in preserving Canadian values like free speech while preventing the import of hate speech and violence.

The urgency for action echoes sentiments from the past, notably from Canadian senator Raoul Dandurand, who envisioned Canada as a 'fireproof house.' Sadly, the nation now grapples with the consequences of bringing in divisive elements.

Canada must reevaluate its immigration policies, emphasizing cultural compatibility and addressing hate speech. Deportation of foreign nationals inciting violence is essential, echoing historical instances where such measures were necessary.

The dilemma persists: Is it already too late to salvage the harmony that Canada once knew?

This issue extends beyond the Jewish community — it challenges the essence of Canadian identity. As the younger generation sways under the influence of misinformation and woke ideologies, the very fabric of the nation is at risk.

For the first time, a shadow of fear eclipses Canada's sense of security — not for Israel, but for the nation itself. The path ahead demands vigilance, unity and a recommitment to the values that define the true essence of Canada.

GUEST: Rebel reporter Avi Yemini joins Ezra from Israel with an update on the conflict.

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