You're never going to guess who Canada's new champion of free speech is...

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You’re never gonna believe who has emerged as Canada’s newest champion regarding freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Yes, knock us down with a feather, for it is none other than Don Cherry’s former sidekick. I speak of Ron MacLean: The very same Coach’s Corner second banana who chose NOT to exercise his freedom of speech and freedom of expression when the beloved Grapes was given the axe almost four years ago for… well… stating the truth.

By the way, did you notice in that clip that Ron MacLean nodded his head in agreement and gave Cherry a thumbs up? Wouldn’t that indicate Ron actually agreed with Don. Or maybe he wasn’t paying attention, which would be his job as a cohost, of course.

The woke mob came for Don Cherry big time back in 2019. Apologize or else, they demanded. But Cherry rightfully told the woke mob he had nothing to apologize for. And so it was that the most-watched 8 minutes of TV in Canada was vaporized due to political correctness. Sure, diversity is our strength, except when it comes to a diversity of opinions, that is.

Now Ron has written an essay on free speech and free expression, published on, and it had absolutely nothing to with Don Cherry or standing up for war veterans.

Rather, the focus of Ron’s essay, is all about denouncing the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association for enacting a ban on…. rainbow-coloured tape hockey tape?!

That’s right. Apparently, the spirit unicorns comprising the Rainbow Mafia are having a tantrum over this turn of events. Then again, when is this community not complaining?

What the woke-meisters like MacLean fail to realize when it comes to woke-joke causes is that the NHL is a business. And as they say in business, the bottom line is the bottom line.

Ron will rail on about a safe, albeit trite, issues such as rainbow coloured hockey tape. This is all about appeasing the woke mob, given that these free speech jihadis might also come for him.

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  • By David Menzies

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