CBC declares war on parents worried about their kids being taught transgenderism

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I saw something in the Media Party that caught my eye. 

But first, if you had tens of thousands of staff and a billion-and-a-half-dollar budget from the government, what would you shine a light of scrutiny on? 

That's what the job of the media is, to speak truth to power, to shine a light into dark places and see what's going on. 

Well, look at this headline from CBC Investigates: 

The CBC put out a program that "investigates" parents who are concerned about their children in elementary school being taught transgenderism in school. What a joke. 

I go through the article and explain why it's such poor reporting. 

GUEST: Brian Peckford, former Premier and last surviving signer of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, on his lawsuit regarding discriminatory vaccine mandates preventing Canadians from flying, being thown out. See the lawsuit below: 

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