Two opinion polls — one will give you hope the other will scare you

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Tonight, Ezra points to two opinion polls that paint a vivid picture of the political landscape. One breathes hope into the hearts of some, while the other instills fear. Let's delve into the intriguing findings that have emerged.

The first poll by Nik Nanos, who is pretty sympathetic to Trudeau, presents a paradoxical scenario. Trudeau, once riding high, now languishes at an eight-year low in preferred Prime Minister tracking.

Contrastingly, Poilievre, a Conservative leader, has soared to an eight-year high. Inflation has surged to the forefront of concerns, overshadowing all other issues, as revealed by Nanos's province-by-province model, indicating a potential shift in political dynamics.

On that subject, David Coletto's poll showcases a stark disapproval of Trudeau, with over 50% expressing discontent.

The turning point seems to have been the trucker convoy, an event that shook the nation and significantly impacted Trudeau's approval ratings.

But the next poll by U.S. pollster Harvard Harris sheds light on the complex dynamics across borders. Inflation and immigration have become predominant worries, echoing the concerns of their Canadian neighbors.

What's truly striking is the generational divide in opinions regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict. While seniors overwhelmingly support Israel, younger demographics exhibit a different stance, raising questions about the concerning influence of institutions such as schools and social media.

GUEST: Xi Van Fleet joins Ezra to discuss surviving Mao’s cultural revolution, detailed in her book Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning

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