Three more Liberals have censored us – so we’re suing them

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Tonight, Ezra announces Rebel News' legal battle plan against three more Liberal cabinet ministers have censored us. You can read our 21-page lawsuit for yourself by clicking here.

What’s so crazy is that they’re doing to us exactly what Steven Guilbeault, Trudeau’s extremist environment minister, did to us — and he was smashed in Federal Court.

Guilbeault blocked us on Twitter. Not from his personal account but from his official government account, the one that makes government announcements, the one that is run by an army of non-partisan civil servants.

That’s illegal – It’s a government service. It would be like the passport office not giving us passports just because we criticize Trudeau.

It took us two years in court, but we finally beat Guilbeault. Not only was he ordered to unblock us, but he was ordered to keep us unblocked for the rest of his career, as long as he’s an MP.

And because he fought us in court so obstinately, he was ordered to pay us $20,000.(That sounds like a ton of money, but unfortunately, it cost us much more than that to fight him for two years.)

Now you’d think that politicians would have got the message: don’t censor people just because you’re powerful. But three other cabinet ministers have followed suit, blocking three different Rebel News journalists.

Marci Ien, Karina Gould and Ya’ara Saks — the cabinet minister who literally said that when the trucker convoy honked its horns, “honk honk” was some sort of secret code for “Heil Hitler”. So you can see the calibre of person we’re dealing with.

But seriously: how dumb is it for Liberal cabinet ministers to block us now, after Steven Guilbeault was ordered to unblock us and to pay us $20,000?Do they think we’re tired or that we’ve given up? Or that maybe we wouldn’t notice?

Click here to read the lawsuit for yourself, or go to It’s a pretty simple lawsuit. We’re not even asking for money — other than our legal costs. We just want our constitutional rights.

We filed the lawsuit in federal court. We served it on the government and now it’s their move.

What will they do? Will they acknowledge what we all know — that they are going to lose, so why not just do the right thing now? Or will they spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars fighting us, like Guilbeault did?

Well, they’re Liberals. What do you think they’re going to do?

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano.

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