Here's what protesters had to say at London's Pro-Hamas rally

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In the heart of historic London, a sea of anti-Israel demonstrators surged through the streets. The pro-Hamas rally, which drew thousands, marched against the backdrop of iconic landmarks like Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and the River Thames.

Among the protesters, a spectrum of ideologies converged, from staunch anti-Israel sentiments to those calling for Israel's withdrawal to the pre-1967 borders.

Most were calling for a ceasefire in the conflict as well as urging humanitarian aid to reach the Gaza strip.

However, slogans like "from the river to the sea" – a phrase often interpreted as a call for the extermination of all Jews – or the word "intifada," which echoes the dark history of anti-Semitic riots, were chanted loudly as the rally gathered steam.

A Muslim man shared his thoughts with Ezra and, while condemning violence, he hesitated to label Hamas as a terrorist group, citing historical complexities and foreign influences.

The rally also showcased Orthodox Jews openly opposing the state of Israel. Their presence stirred curiosity, revealing the intricate layers of beliefs within the Jewish community itself.

Despite the peaceful facade that some protesters maintained, there was an underlying tension, a veil that, when lifted, revealed a deep-seated anger and air of extremism.

The streets of London demonstrated the challenges faced by multicultural societies, where diverse beliefs and ideologies clash, sometimes with dire consequences.

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