From transanity to trans-species: The tail is wagging the dog

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

In 2018, Rebel News reporter David Menzies conducted a provocative social experiment at a cat show where he dressed as his 'trans-species' alter-ego—a cat.

The goal was not to explore society's level of acceptance for transgender people, but rather for trans-species individuals.

The incident, which felt more like a Monty Python sketch than a journalistic endeavor, was deemed "too weird" to air. However, five years later, this once-outrageous stunt has found new relevance amid an evolving cultural landscape.

The concept of "normal" has undergone radical alterations over the last half-decade.

The trans community, initially recognized for "challenging conventional gender norms," has evolved to include individuals identifying as different species altogether! — from cats and dogs to fictional characters.

So amid this quest for greater diversity and inclusion, are we redefining what it means to be human?

Case in point is Cody D'Entremont, a biological male who initially identified as a female and later, as a cat.

Despite being charged with sexual assault, he continues to find a measure of support within certain social circles.

Is this peak 'woke' culture or a sign that society needs to revisit the subject of identity?

The trans-species movement is not limited to feline identifications. A recent gay pride parade in Montreal featured 'Dog-Men' with portable doghouses.

Is this the next frontier of identity politics, where identification as fictional characters from the Star Trek universe is also accepted?

When David Menzies attended the cat show in his trans-species guise five years ago, he was met with disbelief and a lack of accommodation.

Today, he might not only find acceptance but also be lauded for his "courage."

There might even be grounds for a human rights complaint if he were treated differently, a notion that would have been unthinkable just five years ago.

GUEST: A father speaks out on his son's heavy-handed treatment by police and the justice system in Canada.

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