In the spotlight: All eyes are fixed on Tamara Lich's crucial trial

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The balance of political scales can be surprising sometimes. Ezra hosts tonights show from Tel Aviv, Israel, with a team of Rebel News journalists on the ground in the Middle East.

Donald Trump's Abraham Accords have garnered massive attention for being a historic peace treaty between Israel and various Arab states and the Rebel team are looking into how 'warm' this peace really is.

Are these nations genuinely embracing friendship? These are questions worth asking and investigating, and we're here to do just that.

But our focus is not entirely overseas. The trial of Tamara Lich, who Ezra regards as the spiritual leader of a convoy movement, has commenced in Ottawa.

Trudeau's administration and aggressive prosecutors seem to have targeted her disproportionately.

Our on-ground reporters are diligently live-posting from the courtroom, ensuring the proceedings don't escape public scrutiny. 

Lich is not just a face in the crowd; she's a remarkable individual — humble, hardworking and driven by a vision of peace and unity.

She was the antithesis of the divisive rhetoric espoused by Justin Trudeau and his government.

Her leadership couldn't be maligned as 'hateful' or 'insurrectionist' because it was neither; it was peaceful, inviting, and led by a woman who exhorted love over hate.

So as we explore ancient cities and modern wonders, our eyes are peeled for the truth — whether it's halfway across the world or right at home in Canada. Because truth, like justice, knows no borders.

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