How is Tamara Lich's trial going? We get an update from our Rebel reporter in Ottawa

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I got back very early this morning from Dubai — that's a phrase I would not have thought I would be saying until quite recently, thanks to the Abraham Accords peace agreements signed between Israel and some of its Muslim neighbours during Donald Trump's tenure as U.S. president.

What an interesting trip — I loved it. It was great to hang out with such enthusiastic Rebels. But I have to say, the number one thing weighing on me was that the trip started exactly the same day Tamara Lich's trial started in Ottawa.

And we, of course, have been following Tamara Lich since the Freedom Convoy. The Democracy Fund has been paying for Tamara Lich's lawyer, crowdfunded by Rebel News viewers.

And as you know, Rebel News published Tamara Lich's wonderful autobiography, a great bestseller by the way, and we helped her put on a book tour. 

So we love Tamara Lich. And we think that putting aside our affection for her, it's indisputable that she was the newsmaker of the year last year. And this trial is one of the most important trials of the year this year.

So I felt a genuine pain that myself and my colleague, Sheila Gunn Reid, whose gotten to know Tamara very well, were out of the country, off of the continent.

But I was deeply relieved when I saw the great work done by our Ottawa reporter, Robert Kraychik, in tandem with young Lincoln Jay, who first made his name as a journalist during the convoy itself a year and a half ago. Robert has been in the courtroom live tweeting every day, while Lincoln has been capturing some great footage outside of the court.

Not only have they covered the bases, they've done a great job of keeping people informed with what's going on in this important, historic trial — just like Rebel News did during the Freedom Convoy.

So, without further ado, tonight's show is a feature interview with Robert Kraychik to hear more about this ongoing trial.

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