Freedom under fire: five days, five fights in court for Rebel News

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra covers how in just five days, Rebel News faced a staggering five court battles. At the heart of these battles is the issue of free speech, a fundamental right that seems to be eroding in the Canadian landscape.

Take, for instance, the case of Artur Pawlowski. His peaceful sermon, which championed freedom of speech and religion, landed him a criminal conviction. The sentiment is that no peaceful act should be equated to a crime, emphasizing the need to challenge and appeal these rulings.

Yet, the fight doesn't end there. Rebel News itself has been under scrutiny. A somewhat overextended 30-day deadline from the Calgary police, now at its 49th day, demanded our footage. Footage they claim is essential but remain vague about its particulars. This, coupled with the trial of Derek Reimer, a pastor protesting a drag queen story hour, shows how freedom of expression is being tested on multiple fronts.

Adding to the courtroom drama, another trial questions the legitimacy of a book published by Rebel News. The contention? It was overly critical of Justin Trudeau. The inconsistency is evident when 24 other books on Trudeau, mostly in his favor, faced no legal repercussions.

With the sheer volume of trials, one could easily lose track. For Rebel News, these battles underscore a shifting perspective in Canada. Gone are the days when consortiums of media companies would unite, pooling resources to defend press freedoms. Now, with many media houses presumably influenced by governmental ties, the landscape is starkly different.

The takeaway? Press freedom in Canada is at a crossroads. Rebel News, while continually seeking support, remains resolute: the fight for freedom, no matter how arduous, must continue.

They're coming for Rebel News, but they'll have to get through me first. If you want to help us out, go to — thanks for your help.

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