Injustice in Ottawa: The flawed Freedom Convoy trial continues

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The ongoing trial of Tamara Lich and Chris Barber in Ottawa paints a perplexing portrait of the Canadian justice system, Ezra discusses on The Ezra Levant Show tonight.

Perched behind the drab architecture of the Ottawa courts building, I observed the trial's proceedings, which have been mired in procedural issues despite entering its third week.

The prosecution seems caught in a tailspin, particularly since the original prosecutor was replaced after accusations of vendetta-driven motives.

It seems the justice system had reservations about aggressive tactics and potential bias from a known donor to the Liberals.

However, the transition to new lawyers has only complicated matters, as they've been handed a half-prepared case steeped in bias and are now striving to bring some semblance of objectivity.

The Democracy Fund and Rebel News have supported thousands of court cases during the pandemic lockdowns. Many have been dropped due to lack of evidence or potential unconstitutionality.

It's clear Tamara Lich's case, centered around 'inciting mischief,' mirrors these unsupported claims. The decision to persist with the trial seems more rooted in politics and saving face than in seeking justice.

In the grand scheme of things, when serious crimes await trial, the dedication of extensive resources to such a baseless case appears as a miscarriage of justice.

While the outcome remains to be seen, the lack of compelling evidence and political undertones are unmistakable.

GUEST: Rebel reporter Lincoln Jay joins Ezra to discuss the Ottawa 1MillionMarch4Kids rally. 

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