Is Trudeau actually going to get rid of ArriveCAN?

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Have you ever read the fine print in your passport? There’s not a lot of it; maybe you have once, when you were killing time in an airport. Or more likely, maybe you have in the last two years, as your freedom of mobility was infringed by the Trudeau government.

The whole passport is actually a wonderful document; it took me months, but I got mine renewed this summer. What an atrocious mess that was — and still is. Did you know that the majority of passport staff are still working from home because of the “pandemic”?

I'm serious. No wonder the backlog was months and months; and panicky travellers were camped outside of passport offices, waiting hours or even days to get theirs filled for urgent travel. Pierre Poilievre was right when he said the government that can’t even run a passport office wants to run your life. So pitiful.

But I finally got mine, and it’s a beautiful document. On every page in the inside, where you get it stamped, is another image of a Canadian moment or theme — sports; industry; scenery. It’s actually beautifully done. And though there’s an electronic chip in the passport, it still is largely an old-fashioned document — a little book, with a tough cover, pocket-sized. They really want to get rid of it, just like they want to get rid of cash, or put little microchips in cash. They really want to destroy the old customs and beauty of it.

But back to the very first page. That’s really the whole thing in a nutshell, that first page: “The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada requests, in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, all those whose it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely, without delay or hindrance, and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.”

That’s it. 46 words. It’s all you need. The Queen says, this person is Canadian, please let them pass freely. New passports, I presume, will now say the “King”.

Now, whether or not other countries do let the bearer pass without hindrance is a matter of politics and international relations. But when it comes our own country, the Queen, now the King, is the personification of the state. She’s superior to any politician — and she says, if you have a passport, you can come home without delay or hindrance.

It’s a mighty thing. I mean, Trudeau himself once believed that. He said that even if you’re a terrorist, who has committed terrorist murder overseas, you can still come back to Canada. Remember when he said that? There’s some truth to it. Even our criminals are citizens.

Quite something that he would insist on the rights of terrorists to come into Canada but not the unvaccinated. Now, don’t get me wrong. If you’re unvaxxed, you can come into the country. But not quite. Certainly not without delay or hindrance.

Because you have to fill out that infernal ArriveCAN app. I’ve never done it, because I have not left the country since the before times — unlike Omar Khadr the Al Qaida terrorist, I’m on the no-fly list. I can fly domestically in Canada, but I can’t go to the U.S.; and if I were, I'd have to quarantine for two weeks upon return, which I cannot afford to do. But let me show you what the app looks like — here’s a two-minute propaganda video by the Canadian government: 

It’s a lie to say it’s easy to do. Reports from various border crossings say up to half of people can’t do it; if you don’t have a smartphone, you can’t do it; if you’re overseas and can’t get online, you can’t do it; people from all over the world have to do it, but the app is only in English and French, and I think maybe Spanish — not Chinese or German or Arabic or whatever.

Maybe you saw that story about a whole scout troop stranded overseas. Here’s a CTV propaganda story about it: “Young scouts stuck in Zurich after missing Air Canada flight to Toronto”.

It’s not until you’re deep into the story that you realize, they didn’t miss their flight. They didn’t do anything wrong at all. It was the ArriveCAN app.

“But on their way home, the Bancroft contingent faced challenges with the ArriveCAN app. The leaders had entered the group's information on the app, but when they arrived at the airport, they discovered only the information for the two adults was logged. They also couldn’t get Wi-Fi at the airport because they didn’t have a local phone number.”

Un-possible! The propaganda video said it was easy to do.

But back to the passport. These were Canadian citizens; they were kids; they had to be treated carefully; imagine stranding them overseas. What happened to “without delay or hindrance”?

But here’s the thing. If they were in the Toronto airport; or if they were at a border crossing by land, they actually could come into Canada. The government might hector them about taking tests or quarantining at home. The government might lecture them or try to boss them around. But they would legally be allowed to enter Canada — they’re Canadian citizens.

But what Trudeau did — and this is so atrocious, and so unforgivable — is that he ordered Canadian airlines to enforce this app for him. That’s what happened to the boyscouts. They had to show Air Canada they had filled out the app, or Air Canada wouldn’t let them on the plane. Obviously, this isn’t Air Canada’s idea. They’re not border guards; they’re not health officials. But Trudeau said that if Air Canada or WestJet or any other Canadian airline didn’t enforce his app, he would fine and punish that airline.

Understand how evil that is. You will be stranded from your own country, forbidden from getting on a plane, unless you fill out this app. They actually can’t stop you from coming into the country if you could make it to the border. But they have commandeered the airlines, making them the enforcers. And it’s one thing for you to get a fine for not filling out paperwork. But physically stopping you from coming into the country, by bullying Air Canada into bullying you? Outrageous. Illegal. Vengeful. Unscientific. And so utterly on brand for Justin Trudeau and his immoral war against anyone who dares to defy him.

I showed you that’s happening. The boyscouts. There are countless other stories I’ve read, and real people telling me their stories, too. One lady was coming back to Canada on WestJet; they refused to let her board without ArriveCAN; so, she had to buy a ticket, extremely expensive, it being same day as travel, on a foreign airline, because they don’t follow Trudeau’s orders. So, it’s happening. But look at the lie, right there on the app: “Travellers with a right to enter Canada, such as Canadian citizens… will not be denied boarding of their flight or entry to Canada if they do not use ArriveCAN.”

But that’s a lie. A thousand times it’s been proved a lie.

So, Trudeau is forcing the airlines to violate not only the passport, but our essential rights as Canadians. We have to answer some questions at the border; and whether or not there are quarantine rules to follow — or the foolishness of testing yourself for two weeks, what folly — let’s put that aside, because none of that goes to whether you can or can’t enter your own country. Trudeau is literally banning us from our own country, unless we fill out his spyware app.

You know what spyware is; it’s an app that spies on you, that gets details about you. That’s explicitly what this is. But it’s also malware. You know what that is — something that is malicious.

And that’s what this is. It’s not just invading your privacy; it’s giving it to bad actors — lobbyists; hucksters; drug companies; foreign governments; anyone Trudeau wants to. They literally can give it to anyone: “Personal information may be disclosed to contractors working for the Public Health Agency of Canada and Service Canada as well as to the following entities: other government institutions, as well as provincial, territorial, municipal governments or international health organizations as well as their institutions for these purposes.

That is an unlimited list. For an unlimited set of reasons.

And according to Apple this privacy policy is just what Trudeau told them. “This information has not been verified by Apple.”

Oh. So, it could be worse.

And this is so key. Remember in their propaganda video, they said you had to answer questions. And those are bad enough. But look at what it will extract from your phone without asking you: everything in your phone’s “health and fitness” information.

Do you see that? My phone is attached to my watch, which has a great deal of info about me, from my heart rate to when I exercise, and where — it’s attached to my GPS, so it knows where I am. How much I exercise, any health info I input. It just steals that. Unrelated to anything. And gives it to their lobbyists or contractors or China, or whoever.

But now come rumours that Trudeau will end the mandatory use of ArriveCAN; and perhaps other punishments, too. The rumours are all published by the Media Party — the Toronto Star, the CBC — so they’re obviously regurgitating what the regime wants them to do. Probably testing the waters, to see how the public health deep state will react.

All of the stories note that Trudeau himself hasn’t signed off on the change. He’s pretty busy, between singing Queen songs in bars in London, and now partying in New York with Jacinda Ardern; and then off to Japan for another funeral; maybe he’ll do some karaoke there to cause yet another international incident. So, it might be hard to pin down the jetsetter for a moment to do some actual governing.

Everyone seems to think ArriveCAN will be shelved, as soon as next week. And of course, I hope so. But I’m also a bit skeptical. Because if you look at ArriveCAN as a health measure, of course it should be scrapped. I mean, even sleepy Joe knows the pandemic is over. The whole world is over it now, not just Florida. It’s a joke now. Imagine quarantining for two weeks — even if you’re not sick. It’s not about health. It never has been.

So, if you think that’s why it might be ended, you’re missing the point.

The app wasn’t made to deal with COVID. The virus was used to justify the app. The app isn’t the means to an end. It’s the end result itself. It’s what they wanted. Covid was the excuse, the justification. Just ask the WEF’s deep thinker, Yuval Noah Harari.

That’s why I’m not 100% convinced Trudeau will give it up. First, because he hates the unvaxxed, and anyone else who opposes him. He says as much. But second, he’s fully on board with China-style social credit, tracking you, spying on you, punishing you. He doesn’t want to give that up.

I hope it ends next week. But even if they end it, don’t think they wouldn’t try to bring it back if they could.

GUEST: Our New York-based reporter, Jeremy Loffredo (@LoffredoJeremy on Twitter

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