Canada is failing, so Trudeau suggests a new foreign censorship treaty

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You know, my phone has been ringing off the hook for 36 hours, including late at night — phone calls from country code 91. That’s India. So many Indian journalists want to ask me about Justin Trudeau, want me to go on their TV shows to talk about what Trudeau is doing. I wish I had time to do that but I’ve been very busy with Rebel stuff here in Canada, as you may know! India is the world’s largest democracy, and for the past year, the world’s largest country, full stop. China’s actually starting to shrink now; their one-child policy is biting. India is bigger, richer and stronger than ever. India is a nuclear power; it’s a space power. And by the way, there are two million Indo-Canadians, many of them very successful. Of course, India is very diverse, too — most are Hindu, but there are also Sikhs, Muslims and even Christian Indians. As my late friend Tarek Fatah used to say, India is a whole world.

And now there is a bitter rivalry between us — they are literally putting sanctions on us, and vice versa. It’s astonishing. They’re no longer issuing visas to Canadians; I hear talk that they might stop sending Indian students to our universities, but I’ve got to think that hurts them more than us, although it would probably knock billions of dollars out of the budgets of Canadian universities. Both Canada and India have expelled each other’s spy chiefs working as diplomats. It’s astonishing to see.

It stems from the claim that India assassinated someone in Canada that they deemed to be a terrorist — a Sikh extremist. India is worried about Sikh extremism in Canada, and with some reason — it was from Canada that Sikh terrorists blew up an Air India jet, which, until 9/11, was the largest terrorist attack involving aircraft. A total disaster and tragedy. In case you didn’t know it, Jagmeet Singh is banned by India from travelling there.

Trudeau competes with Singh for votes. And he’ll go as far or further than Jagmeet Singh will. In 2018, when Trudeau went to India on his dress-up party costume tour, he brought as one of his guests from Canada a man named Jaspal Atwal, who was literally convicted of terrorism, for attempting to assassinate a cabinet minister from India who was vacationing in B.C. He was convicted of that! He’s out now, and Trudeau thought he’d make a great travel buddy. Seriously, Trudeau invited him to India with him.

So yeah.

Anyways, another alleged extremist, alleged terrorist, named Hardeep Singh Nijjar, was killed in B.C. earlier this year. And Trudeau dropped a bombshell (well, I shouldn’t use that metaphor in this story I guess) and said that he was actually assassinated by the Indian government.

That’s quite something to say. But when he was pressed on it, he seemed to wobble a bit, saying it was an accusation — as if it hadn’t quite been proven yet.

That’s quite something to say about a liberal, democratic country like India — to accuse them of an assassination, but then, later say, “Maybe." Pretty different from Trudeau’s approach to China, which Trudeau can’t bring himself to condemn despite years of interference and corruption in our country. Including, yes, possible assassinations here too. That story broke just yesterday.

I wonder if Trudeau will denounce the world’s largest dictatorship in the same way he denounced the world’s largest democracy. So far, no.

I don’t know if either or both or neither of them were assassinated by foreign spies. It wouldn’t surprise me if both were. Because the world sees great weakness in Trudeau — not just as a man, a weak man, but also a corruptible man. They know they can either push him around or, frankly, bribe him, as China seems to have done, with a series of sketchy “donations” to Trudeau’s family foundation and the Liberal Party himself.

Let me put it another way: China kidnapped and held hostage two Canadians, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, and held them for nearly three years, and Trudeau did… nothing. Literally nothing. In fact, you might recall, the Canadian Armed Forces wanted to cut ties with the PLA, and Trudeau instructed them not to do so, for it could be seen as retaliation! So if you can literally kidnap two Canadians and have no reaction, why on earth would China or India or indeed any country not come to the conclusion that really, go ahead and do whatever you want in Canada, Trudeau will do nothing at all, other than maybe call you a homophobe, Islamophobe, transphobe or whatever he does when he’s mad.

Seriously — other than Ukraine and maybe Cuba, can you name a single country in the world with which Canada has better relations now compared to when Trudeau took over?

And by the way, the world is backing far away from Trudeau over all this. No one is siding with him — they all have decided that Trudeau is a lame duck, all hat and no cattle as they say in Alberta, all socks as they might say in Trudeauland. He’s a nullity. People are going to side with the largest counterweight to China; a large and growing economy; a major power.

And this, this was quite something. Did you remember that headline, that Trudeau’s plane had mechanical trouble, so it was stranded in India for an extra day or two? Bill Blair, Trudeau’s cabinet minister, says that he’s not ruling out sabotage. As in, he’s literally saying he’s considering the theory that India tried to kill him, Trudeau, perhaps in the way that Air India was blown up?

Sorry, that’s the nuttiest conspiracy theory I think I’ve ever heard from someone who wasn’t in an institution.

The only political leaders who like to be seen in public with Trudeau these days are failed leaders, like those who met with him the other day in Montreal. Tony Blair, the disgraced former British PM; Dana Marin, the disgraced former Finnish PM; Jacinda Ardern, the disgraced former NZ PM. Do you see a pattern here?

They’ll pose for pictures with him. Perhaps he’ll join them soon, as the disgraced former Canadian PM. We can hope.

But let me talk about what I wanted to talk about, and mentioning Jacinda Ardern is the right moment for that. Because she has abandoned the small New Zealand, to conquer the world — literally, to censor the world. She really is one of the worst.

So she and Trudeau have a lot in common, don’t they? And Ardern is on a global campaign for censorship.

So perhaps it’s not a coincidence that, right after that meeting of failed left-wing globalists, the liberals announce a new war on free speech

Hey, does that include the conspiracy theory that India tried to blow up Trudeau’s plane?

Let me read the story:

"OTTAWA — A new United Nations declaration, launched Wednesday by Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, says signatories will take steps to address online disinformation.The 27 countries who have signed the document are promising to implement 'necessary and appropriate measures, including legislation, to address information integrity and platform governance.' They will do so in a manner that 'complies with international human rights law,' including freedom of opinion and expression, the document says.

They are also promising to monitor and respond to the rise of generative artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, 'to identify the possible risks, impacts, harms, benefits and opportunities to the information ecosystem online.' Canada and the Netherlands began working on the initiative a year ago and launched the resulting Global Declaration on Information Integrity Online at the United Nations Wednesday. Signatories include Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan and South Korea, among others.”

It really is a terrible time for freedom in the world. Joe Biden is really an Obama puppet, I would think — if not Obama himself, then certainly his staff. I don’t think anyone in the world thinks it’s Biden himself in charge.

The UK is run by a WEF robot named Rishi Sunk. The Netherlands by an atrocious WEF robot named Mark Rutte.

Seriously, are any world leaders not part of that conspiracy? Not a conspiracy theory, an actual conspiracy?

"In a speech, Joly said the past year has seen 'illiberal regimes,' such as Russia, continue to 'wage information warfare and pollute the information environment.'"

I’m sure Russia does wage info wars. So does every government. When you do it, it’s called “communication”. When they do it, it’s called “pollute the information environment”. It’s all the same thing — government propaganda — and it’s up to each of us to decode it and decide what we believe or not. What Melanie Joly and Jacinda Ardern want is for them to decide for you. Literally in court yesterday Trudaeu’s lawyers said that unregulated speech is a threat to fair elections. They literally said that in court, and the judge didn’t bat an eye.

More from Joly:

"'This change is all happening at a speed and scale we’ve never seen before. We can’t afford to wait before acting,' Joly said, according to a copy of her remarks. She called the declaration a 'concrete step towards establishing global norms on disinformation, misinformation, and information integrity.'"

Can’t wait to do what? To censor? Global norms for misinformation — as in, they’re going to meet with foreign powers to determine what we can say here in Canada? At the UN — not in our own Parliament, event?

The declaration defines information integrity as a system that ensures people can access accurate information and be exposed to a variety of ideas.

Really. A variety of ideas. Really? Like on COVID-19, or vaccines, or global warming, or firearms, or Ukraine or LGBT issues? A variety of ideas? Or the entire spectrum from A to B?

This is Orwellian:

"It sets up news media as a tool to fight disinformation. The signatories have promised to promote 'user access to diverse online content, including national and international sources of news and information,' and 'promote and respect pluralistic media and journalism, and protect access to media content as one measure to counter disinformation.'"

Really? This is the government here in Canada that bans journalists from attending press conferences, that requires news to register with the government for a licence, called the QCJO, and strips its enemies of that status, which bans books and fines authors, and prosecutes them in court. Which imposes martial law people people honk their horns. These people want pluralistic media and journalism? Why are you lying?

Last line in the story:

"The declaration also says the signatories 'invite' platforms to take measures, including on transparency of algorithms."

Got it. So it’s all voluntary. Sure. When the government calls you up, it’s voluntary. And hey — you have to be transparent! But Trudeau’s bill C-11 says he will have the power to order Google, YouTube and Facebook to alter their algorithms. I wonder if he’ll disclose his plans.

Oh, by the way, Trudeau’s coalition partners, the NDP, are even more crazy. Get a load of this:

So hang on. If someone is committing a crime, we don’t put them on a list, we arrest them and charge them with a crime. You don’t make a list. He’s talking about making a list of conservatives he doesn’t like. He’s gone full Stasi, full KGB.

That’s 2023, my friends.

GUEST: Rebel News reporter David Menzies gives a sneak preview of his upcoming report, detailing what he saw at a rally against gender ideology in schools hosted by Billboard Chris Elston and Save Canada's Josh Alexander.

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