Trudeau fires Anthony Rota, the speaker of the house, but terrible questions still remain

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, a significant political bombshell erupted in Canada as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dismissed Anthony Rota, the Speaker of the House of Commons.

This firing was triggered by Rota's introduction of Yaroslav Hunka, a former Nazi SS officer, as a "war hero" during a parliamentary session, leaving many unanswered questions and raising concerns about the state of Canadian politics.

Rota's attempt to paint Hunka as a hero seemed scripted, leading to suspicions about who was behind this controversial introduction. Could a constituency staffer have made this ill-conceived decision? The complexity and meticulousness of such parliamentary events make it hard to believe it was an isolated error.

Karina Gould confirmed that Hunka had been vetted by the Prime Minister's Office, casting further doubt on the authenticity of Rota's actions.

The blame game escalated quickly, with the Liberals distancing themselves from Rota. They even attempted to shift responsibility onto "Russian disinformation" campaigns, a move that seemed like a propaganda coup for Putin.

As Rota was swiftly ousted from his role, media coverage flooded the airwaves, with a particular emphasis on Trudeau's divisive tactics. Canada's subsidized media landscape, designed to keep reporters and publishers dependent, has allowed Trudeau to maintain a stranglehold on the narrative.

The aftermath of this scandal raised questions about who knew about Hunka's background. It's hard to believe that Chrystia Freeland, a prominent figure in Canadian politics with deep Ukrainian ties, was unaware of the situation. Trudeau's growing radicalization, evidenced by his willingness to embrace controversial figures, is a cause for concern.

Trudeau's recent scandals, from his diplomatic tensions with India to his obsession with Ukraine, indicate a troubling pattern. The media's lack of scrutiny on such matters only bolsters Trudeau's confidence in pushing boundaries.

While some may argue that Trudeau's actions are harmless, his increasing radicalization and the recent Nazi fiasco call for a reevaluation of his leadership.

The shockwaves of this scandal may just be the push needed to change his course. Only time will tell if Trudeau will heed the lessons learned from this embarrassing episode.

GUEST: Viva Frei, joins Ezra to discuss Canada's Nazi scandal.

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